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Services Available


Web Design and Management

Web Registration
Web Design
Website Management
Website Edits
Set-up of Woocommerce

Small TIA images for site

Search Engine Optimisation

Determine current SEO status
Suggest best plan of action
Implement quick fixes
Creation of blog content
Management of ongoing SEO
Optimise website to be mobile friendly

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Video creation for Social Media

Creation of short video content for Social Media, which includes:
- Concept formulation
- Video copywriting
- Video editing
- Voice-over
- Design of graphic elements


Digital and Social Media Marketing Management

Social Platform Design and Set-up
Social Platform Management
Content Creation
Search Engine Optimisation
Digital Campaign Management
Email Campaigns and Company Communications


Design of Graphic Elements and Copy

Brand and Logo Design
Social Media Element Design
Company Documents Compilation


Research and Reporting

Compilation and Conducting Surveys
Results Analysing
Detailed Reporting
Strategic and Operational Recommendations
(Examples not available due to confidentiality)

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Google Business Profile Creation and Optimisation

Registering of Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile Set-up
Optmisation of Business Profile
Creation and Posting of Content for Business Profile


Event Organisation and Management

From Virtual to Actual Event Planning
Hosting from Livestreams to Webinars
Event Management
Project Planning
Project Implementation
Project Budgeting


Strategising to Implementation

Development of Marketing Strategies, Marketing Plans and Action Plans
Project Scoping and Planning
Implementation of Strategies and Plans
Marketing Budgeting
Marketing Reporting
Project Management
(Examples not available due to confidentiality)


Verified AirBnB Host

Setting up AirBnB profiles
Creation of an "image" for your establishment
Source and secure bookings
Manage bookings and booking process
Overseeing of set-up of property for guest arrival
Managing guest enquiries

Please contact me at for a quotation tailored to your specific business’ needs, as each business is different and requires a dedicated and well thought out proposal.


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